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Freirau Museumsquartier, Wien

Bitte anklicken

Bitte anklicken

Bitte anklicken

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Schokoladeskulpturen, 2005

Warren Laine:

"The chocolate sculptures are an expression of the ambiguity of language, language acquisition, acceptance of language, the meaning of language.

Language a form of expressing that which is beyond. Of signs and interpretation of signs. Chocolate is the signified "food" and yet the signifier "chocolate". At the same time it is "candy". We turn to chocolate for stimulation. It is a treat and a threat. It is breaking down the understanding of the sign. The grey area between what is expressed and what is understood. The expression of the inexpressible.

I use chocolate to express design theory.  Things are not always what they appear to be.  Chocolate is a very accepted and understood medium.  We like to believe. This ‘acceptance’ and ‘belief’ in a product is extremely important in the understanding of marketing and sales

The chocolate changes over time; the colour and texture softens.  It is an extension of the original work and expresses even more the dilemma of meaning

The audience accepts chocolate and is asked to accept a sculpture in chocolate. To see the possible and forget the probable. To accept a new signified using the old signifier. It is an expression of lost words, of lost meaning, of the inexplicable, of the double meaning. Meaning and definition are things we learn through personal experience. This is giving us new experience, of finding meaning between the words.

One piece is only ever made.  No second time. If you want something you have seen in another place.  Go to that place.  Make your own place, your own.